Your pieces have so much quirky character, when you part with one is it like saying goodbye to a friend?

At this point, not really. Initially I hoarded everything and my home looked like a dumpy Pee Wee’s Playhouse/ earthquake death trap.
Recently I’ve started picking up on the emotional connection that a person will have with a piece before they decide to take it home.
So usually I’m just happy they found each other.

Besides the titles, do you give names to the little personalities that you forge, do you see people you know in your creations?

I don’t name every piece, I leave that daunting task to their future owner, but I do have a sense of their personality while I am making them.
Last year a family friend came to see some of my art and I realized that every single thing I had to show looked exactly like him.
Don Barris has unknowingly been/ continues to be my greatest muse.

Where do you find inspiration? Like, when eating a meal are you brining food to life in your imagination?

I am the most inspired when I’m at an antique mall or a good estate sale.
I love strange kitchen decorations and shamelessly cute tchotchkes.
Also, Goodwill has an Ebay-like website ( that has been a really fun/dangerous resource for me.

If “Lime” or “Yellow Puppy Vase” came to life, what would be the first words out of their mouth?

Either “thank you” or “kill me”

What drew your to ceramics?

I always loved sculpture but I couldn’t find a medium that satisfied me
(I’ve had some nightmare experiences with chicken wire and felt).
A friend of mine suggested that I take a class and I was immediately hooked.

What do you do to get into the zone in the studio?

Dance violently- Just kidding. nothing cool, usually I just turn on the TV and I’m in it.



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